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This is where we meet

This is where we meet

One day, while I was riding on the tram, I noticed the graffiti on the walls of buildings and bridges. I had seen it before but never paid much attention to it. Since I had just moved to Zurich/ Switzerland a couple of months ago I was still mainly focused on the picturesque cityscape and the beautiful nature that surrounds the city. But once I started noticing Street Art and Graffiti, I discovered it all over town. That’s why I decided to use graffiti for my final  Capstone Project for the Coursera Course Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR that I finished last month.

It made me think about the early beginnings of Street Art and how it was a way for the Youth to criticise and provoke society. I did some research and was especially in

spired by Martha Cooper, a photographer who started photographing graffiti in the 80’s. She followed the sprayers on their outings to document what they were doing and to put it in a social and historical context. Street Art  has definitely changed from being an underground subculture into being an established Art Form. For my project I wanted to explore the role of Street Art and Graffiti today by putting it in context with people and the surrounding area. I was especially interested in places with unusual lighting situations and interesting surroundings. 

While exploring different places I noticed that the people I found at the scene were usually unaffected by the Street Art around them. They were going about their business, just passing by or sitting there eating their lunch. Graffiti has become an expected part of cityscapes.

For me this appears almost surreal, as if two different worlds are existing side by side, one of them unaware of the other and the other one screaming to be noticed. But every once in a while a connection is formed and both worlds come together. 

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